Top 10 Thrill Parks in North America

10 Universal Orlando Islands of Adventure

The Doctor Doom, Freefall and The Incredible Hulk Coaster are only two of the thrill rides you will find in this park. This Park also provides a big variety of thrilling water rides.

9 Knott’s Berry Farm

Filled with Tons of Rides for the whole family including the silver bullet and the Xcelerator, which shoots you out at 82 mph, this park is a thrill for kids and adults of all ages.

8 Valleyfair

The 275 ft Power Tower is not the only thrill you will get out of this park. It also includes extreme thrill coasters and rides such as the steel venom, ripcord, and the 100 foot tall Excalibur.

7 Six Flags Over Texas

This Park is filled with chills and thrills. First of all, the Titan coaster carries you 25 1/2 stories above the earth, then drops you down at 85 miles per hour. Other rides such as Batman suspend you in the air while you twist and turn, or you can ride the Mr. Freeze (which is the tallest and fastest coaster in the southwest), and shoot out of the gate at 70 mph, in less than 5 seconds. These coasters are only some of the reasons this park is on the top ten list.

6 Kings Island

This park is filled with coasters. First off, is the new coaster, The Diamondback. This is 5,282 ft of track that will take you 230 feet in the air, and end with a splashdown. This ride is the ultimate thrill for all coaster-lovers. Other terrifying rides in the park include the famous Beast, and Son of Beast. Not to mention the 315 ft-61 mph drop tower, along with other unique coasters.

5 Busch Gardens

This park is filled with a variety of roller coaster thrills. Rides such as The Big Bad Wolf suddenly throw you down a drop towards the Rhine River. Other rides such as the Alpengeist, the pearl of rides at this park, suspend you in the air, or such as the Griffon which races you down a 90 degree, 200 foot drop at more than 70 mph. You should also check out Apollo’s Chariot which also includes a terrifying 73 mph, 210 foot drop.


4 Canada’s Wonderland

This Park is number 4 on the list for a couple reasons. For a start, the Mighty Canadian MineBuster, which is the longest and largest wooden coaster in Canada. Then, there is the 230 foot drop tower, and the bat coaster. Roller coasters are not the only thrill in this park. Other rides include the shockwave, riptide, and the Jet Scream. But to top it all off Canada’s BIGGEST, FASTEST, AND TALLEST ROLLER COASTER- THE BEHEMOTH.

3 Six Flags Great Adventure

This next park comes along with a safari for an additional thrill. But let’s jump to the breath-taking rides in the park. First, Batman the Ride, which drops you from over 100 ft at 50 mph… All with your legs dangling in the air. If you want a higher thrill, this park also offers a ride called Superman: The Ultimate Flight. This is a 60 mph extreme thrill ride. But if you want an even bigger thrill, you can check out the new Bizzaro, or the great El Toro (which is the #2 wooden coaster in the world according to Theme Park Magazine). If all these rides don’t satisfy your thrill needs, then one ride is surely to do so. It is called the Nitro (voted #7 best steel coaster by Theme Park Magazine). This ride includes an astonishing 215 foot dive at 80 mph. There is one more coaster in this park that I think is worth mentioning. This coaster played a big role in earning Six Flags Great Adventure this spot on the list. With an incredible speed of 128 mph, and an incredible 418 foot drop, this coaster is the tallest and fastest one in the world… THE KINGDA KA!

2 Six Flags Magic Mountain

Located near LA, and even within a day trip drive of San Diego, yet another Six Flags park made it on the lists. This park has extreme thrill rides, and two record-breaking coasters. The first is The Riddlers Revenge, which is the worlds tallest and fastest stand-up coaster. The second, is the Tatsu, which is the worlds tallest, fastest, and longest flying coaster on Earth. There is also Superman The Escape, which shoots you up 41 stories at a speed of 100 mph. Then, there is the Goliath, which includes an 85 mp-255 foot drop. All these coasters will provide you with an extreme thrill, but I’m not done yet. Possibly the best coaster you will find in the park is the X2, which is the world’s first 4th dimension coaster and will get your heart racing. THIS MEANS THAT THE SEATS CAN ROTATE 360 DEGREES BACKWARDS AND FORWARDS!

1 Cedar Point

Welcome to the Greatest Theme Park on Earth. With a record-breaking 17 coasters, this park is a no-doubt best. But since there is too many coasters in this park to talk about, I will describe the 5 most worthy. First off, is the Raptor. This ride includes a 100 foot vertical loop, a 119 foot vertical drop, and a max speed of 67 mph. And yes, you’re legs are suspended in the air the whole time. Next is the Magnum Xl-200. This coaster was once the tallest and fastest in the world. It reaches a speed of 72 mph, with a vertical drop of 195 feet. The third ride is the newest in the park. It is called the Maverick. It reaches a speed of 70 mph and a drop of 100 feet. But it also includes a 95 degree drop, and the world’s first horseshoe roll. This ride will have you twisting and turning in your seat the whole time. The next coaster is so tall, it is called a giga-coaster. Of course, I am talking about the 92 mph, 310 foot tall Millennium Force. During its debut in 2000, it broke 10 world records! And since the ride lasts for over 2 minutes, it is possibly the most famous and meanest ride in the park. Last, but not least is the Top Thrill Dragster! This ride is the second fastest and highest coaster in the world. It lifts you 420 feet and drops you at a estimated speed of 120 mph!!! All these coasters, plus the other 12 coasters, and the many other thrill rides in the park, such as the MaxAir, Power Tower, and the Skyhawk make this park, without a doubt, the BEST IN THE WORLD!!!

by Billy Sullivan

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  1. WoW, I am so not hip with the Theme Park crowd.. The Millennium Force sounds like the most amazing ride…