Top 10 Ways to Cut Your Business Electricity Costs

In the current day and age, there is plenty of hype surrounding the environment and how to be ‘green’. In what are proving to be exceptionally testing times for the vast majority of us due to the global recession, business owners are constantly looking for new ways and means of slashing their energy bills. If you’re in a similar position and would like some useful tips on how you can be ‘green’ and save your business money, read on…

Shopping Around


If you have been using the same utilities company for more than two years, now is the best time to shop around to get a better deal. It’s imperative to search the market in order to find the best deal for your business, and using the internet is the best way to hunt-out an unbelievable deal.

Hiring an Expert


If you’re energy needs are complex, it may be advisable that you hire an expert to take care of it for you. Not only will an expert be able to find you the best deal, they will also be able to provide you with expert information on long-term energy trends so you can be well prepared in the event of energy prices spiking.

Switch it off!


When your business shuts up shop for the day, make sure to turn off all PCs. PCs are responsible for consuming 250W of power, so leaving them on overnight is asking for trouble!

Measuring Your Electricity Usage



If you don’t measure it, how on earth are you going to be able to manage it? Although it’s a little boring keeping your eye on your electricity meter, it is more interesting when you are saving large sums of money!

Lowering Your Voltage

Europeans run their electric devices at 220V, 22V lower than us. The items that are commonly found around your office will run more efficiently at a lower voltage so go out and purchase a voltage adjuster.

Natural Light is Free!

From pet stores, to ice cream shops, to corporate housing companies, almost all businesses have windows. Make the most of the natural light in your workplace. After all, it’s free, at least until Al Gore’s nighmarish vision of the Earth’s eco-state comes to pass!

LED Light bulbs


Unlike lower-power light bulbs, LED light bulbs are cheap to run, don’t flicker and should last for years.

Get rid of the Xerox

Photocopiers are hungry things when it comes to electricity consumption so best get rid if you don’t use them overly much.

Eco-friendly PCs

Keep an eye out for some of the new market-leading eco-friendly PCs that are available to keep those business electricity bills down.  Google was attempting to create them some time ago. Perhaps these will be much more widespread in the future.

Set a Target for Your Business Electricity Bills

You have KPIs across your business right? No? If not, better get them. And fast! Why not make goals in order to keep those business electricity bills down! add corporate housing link

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  1. Hello, solar energy and wind power are efficient for the home, do you think is effective also in the factories?