Top 10 Funniest Zombie T-Shirts

Since George Romero’s ‘Night of the Living Dead” Zombies have been used to both thrill and offer social commentary. Often dismissed as subculture, the zombie has gone mainstream recently. And beyond movies and video games, the Zombie has inspired artists in other forms as well… here we offer the best of the Zombie T Shirt as we see it today.

1) BRAINS T-Shirt


Parody of the classic Obama “Hope” poster – what Washington needs is Brains. This Zombie t-shirt has truth in advertising.

2) Zombie Food Pyramid T-Shirt

Zombie Food Groups
This zombie t-shirt has a “flesh” take on the government’s food pyramid:

3) Caution Zombie Crossing T-Shirt


Parody of San Diego “immigrant crossing” sign – Simple design, with social impact.

4) In Case Of Zombies T-Shirt

In the style of “safety instructions” this zombie tshirt will help in the event of a Zombie Apocalypse

5) Franklin and the Dead Presidents

Franklin and the dead presidents


Roosevelt, Washington, Franklin, Lincoln, and Jefferson terrorize y’alls neighborhood.

6) How To Kill A Zombie T-Shirt

Another instructions design – much simpler and to the point.

7) Think Positive T-Shirt

Yes, even the undead could use a morale boost with a little positive mantra. Imagine the confidence boost from this zombie tshirt that your zombie will feel.

8) How to THRILLER Shirt

Step by step illustrated dance instructions to the only Zombie dance known to man. Thriller made the Zombie T-Shirt a reality. Michael make it dance!

9) Zombies Run On Brains T-Shirt


We got a good chuckle out of this parody of the Dunkin Donuts’ “America Runs On Dunkin” Shirt.

10) Romero’s Diner T-Shirt


A subtle take on a classic diner ad… naturally the blue plate special is brains.

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4 Responses to Top 10 Funniest Zombie T-Shirts

  1. Franklin and the dead presidents…heh. Got a chuckle.

  2. The zombie cookbook


    Nice list!
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    Limpsticher Gorehands.

  3. I agree with absolutely everything else on this list!
    There’s one t-shirt which I believe should be on here that isn’t. Yes, it is an advertisement for a video game, but it is also extremely clever.

  4. Ooooo yay, another ‘Top 10′ list. And itz about Zombayz! Yay twice! And itz the ‘Funniest’ one yet… Thrice Yay! Bestill my still beating heart. Constant superlatives like these dilute the meanings of these words. Nothing is funny anymore, and zombies never were…