Top 11 reasons to buy fashion online

If one thing has become brutally clear to every industry on Earth, it’s that buying online is here to stay. Old-style shopping is going way of the dinosaurs and taking those long feet-destroying ordeals and checkout queues with it. If you want to buy dresses online, for example, you can buy practically anything from practically anywhere on Earth.


The brave new fashion revolution

The new fashion industry is rapidly making a complete break with the past. The days when only a few designers could get on the market and people were condemned to wear mainstream fashions are passing. The new fashion industry is a New Economy industry, with a totally different approach to marketing and distribution.

That’s great news for consumers. Choice is back, and boring mainstream garbage is out.

Good reasons for buying online

The reasons for buying online are compelling:

1.   Not only can the new designers add a lot more choices for the wardrobe, but they can also add a lot of individuality, the essence of fashion.

2.   Whatever you want, you can buy it and get it delivered without going through the horrors of lousy customer service, checkout lines, traffic, parking and other enchanting interludes.

3.   Buying online is actually better practice for both fashion outlets and consumers. You actually get more accurate sales information online than you could possibly get from a sales assistant in an hour.

4.   The range of fashion choices is infinitely multiplied. That also means that the range of buying options is greatly improved, and you can compare prices.

5.   Creating online accounts with fashion outlets can be a very good idea. Many online merchants will put in quite a bit of extra effort for their customers. For them, it’s good business, and for you, it’s good service.

6.   Shopping by brand is a lot easier online then it will ever be in a shop. You can quite literally search the world in the time it would normally take you to find a favourite brand in a mall shop. If you’re looking for a new Ladakh dress, for example, you can simply search the brand.


Ladakh Grape Tulip dress

7.   Over time, the net cost of your buying goes down considerably as a result of shopping online. The simple fact of not physically travelling to shop saves a fortune.

8.   You spend less time and money on your actual buying because you have more control over your decisions.

9.   You’re under no direct pressure from salespeople to buy anything.

10.  Bargain hunting is a lot easier online. All online merchants make a point of advertising their reduced priced goods.

11.  Even matching your purchases and your existing wardrobe is a lot simpler. You can simply look at the picture on the screen, and look at your clothes. This is a drastic improvement on buying something and finding that it doesn’t go with anything.

Buying fashion online makes as much sense as buying meat at a butcher. It’s a lot less trouble, it’s a lot less messy and it’s far more efficient than doing all the work yourself.

Add to this the fact that the money you save buying online can be used to buy a whole new wardrobe any time you feel like it, and it makes even more sense.


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