Top 13 iPhone Apps for Professional Web Designers and Developers

A Website designer needs to keep him or herself updated, to enjoy their career maximally. IT is the most rapidly growing and evolving industry in which technology changes over the night. If you belong to this industry and if you wish to survive over a long period of time, you have to keep yourself updated.

The newer and latest applications are mostly used. The latest ones make their way and the older ones have to be replaced. This is the simple theory in practice in the IT industry.  If you are a website designer you have ended up at the right place. Some of the latest and the most popular applications have been jot down for you.

Now most of the phones and computers enjoy numerous technologies. In this case, the most unique one will be the one which enjoys unique functions. Now more than half of the world enjoys access to mobile technology, however, if you wish to stand a head of this crowd, you need to be aware of the latest innovations.

iPhone is very popular these days. IPhone offers some out of the box applications to its users. You will find really interesting stuff in it which provides great support to website designers and developers as well.

If you are a website designer yourself, you will always be thirsty of web designing ideas and inspirations. It is not necessary that you always need to sit in front of computer for these ideas, but now you can enjoy all these activities through your iPhone.

13. CSS Cheat Sheet

CSS Cheat Sheet

If you wish to view backgrounds, colors or borders, there isn’t any better application than this one.

12. HTML Cheat Sheet

HTML Cheat Sheet

As the name shows, this application helps you the most with testing your HTML skills. Get started with it and test your skills and see where you stand as a website designer.

11. HTML Quik Ref

HTML Quik Ref

If you need to see examples of HTML tags with their descriptions for your better understanding, make sure you go through HTML Quik Ref.

10. PHP Cheat Sheet

PHP Cheat Sheet

This is another application for PHP developers. If you are a PHP developer yourself make sure that you benefit from this application.  It will provide you with additional reference material since it is a database of PHP reference material.


9. PHP Ref


All the PHP functions are available in this application.

8. Source Viewer

Source Viewer

If you wish to see the coding of your website, there is no better option than source viewer.  It allows you to go through the complete coding of your website.

7. cliqcliq Colors

cliqcliq Colors

This application allows you to extract colors from the pictures taken by your iPhone. At the    same time, it also allows you to email the palette to anyone in your contact list.

6. Color Expert

Color Expert

As the name suggest, this application makes sure that you have the option to search various colors selections.

5. Color Picker

Color Picker

Color Picker is another unique application that allows you to use sliders allowing you to dial in any color and it also allows you to analyze the RGB and HEX codes. This must be very appealing for any designer.

4. Color Tool

Color Tool

This application provides you with two sets of sliders offering you to set the RGB values and to play with colors.

3. HTML Colors

HTML Colors

If you want to monitor the RGB colors and if you wish to discover the perfect combination of background colors, advantage from HTML colors.

1. Database Viewer

Database Viewer

Database Viewer offers you to work with numerous database styles including MS Access, MS Excel, Oracle, SQL Server, FoxPro, SQL, etc.

Choose from the above list and get started now. This is what you have always wished for!

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