Top 5 Ancient Door Features in the World

The term “old” has so many negative connotations, in some instances respect has to be shown and the use of terms such as “experience” and “maturity” is perhaps more suitable. No other instance is more apt that when talking about some of the oldest remaining door features in the world.

Here we identify the world’s top 3 oldest wooden doors, door hinges and door frames, just make sure you don’t knock on them or they may break.

1. Britian’s oldest door identified


Archaeologists discovered a 900 year old door in Westminster Abbey, which is believed to have been put in place around 1050, during the long standing reign of the Abbey founder Edward the Confessor.

Researchers believe that the door was handcrafted from an oak tree which grew in England around 1,000 AD.  The historic door in Westminster Abbey is rumoured to be the site where a man was stripped of his skin in punishment for a religious crime but after a researched commissioned by the English Heritage it was revealed to be cow hide.

2. Saint Antony Monastery


In the remote desert of Egypt, near the coastal town Al-Zaafarana lies Saint Antony Monastery. The monastery is located 124 miles from Hurghada, and is widely believed to be founded in 356 AD which officially makes it the world’s oldest Christian monastery.

The setting to the monastery looks similar to what you would believe an Indiana Jones backdrop would look like. The monastery is surrounded by enormous rock cliffs amongst the desert and the plot stretches 10 hectares, hosting seven churches. The ancient door openings or what remained of them and the rest of the monastery have now been funded to be restored and after 5 years closed it reopened in February 2010.


3. Nippur


Nippur was found by by Dr. Hilprecht and is one of the most ancient of all the Sumerian cities dating back to 2000 B.C.

Research into ancient and sacred landmarks have identified that the vast majority of ancient doors were hung by 2 pivots, very similar to how doors are still hung today. Pivots were positioned at the top and bottom of the hanging stile which worked in sockets in the lintel and sill, the latter being always in some hard stone such as basalt or granite.

4. The Arch of Constantine


The Arch of Constantine is located in Rome, Italy and forms part of the Colloseum, Piazzale del Colosseo. It is believed to have been constructed around 315 but the architect is unknown. The building is a classic monument that still manages to convey the elegance and beauty after 2000 years.

5. The temple of Venus


The temple of Venus can be found in Rome, Italy and was constructed circa 123 -135. This unusual building was designed by the emperor Hadrian after superseding his former architect, Apollodorus of Damascus. The temple is cut from stone and consists of two main twin cellas with surrounding arches.  Since its original construction the temple was rebuilt in 283 A.D by Maxentius after a fire destroyed the roof.

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  1. This is really fabulous! Thanks for sharing it. I now have new areas to think of travelling to. I had never heard of these “doors”. I would love to PIN them, others should see and read about them. Thanks again.