Top 5 Reasons to Hunt in Texas

I looove Texas.  That’s what they all say, and who can blame them. Everything’s bigger in Texas, including hunting. As the largest of the lower 48 states, Texas is a vast land filled with a amazing game so check out our top 5 reasons to hunt in the Lone Star State:

5. Quality family time!

As soon as a Texan is born, a rifle is lovingly bestowed upon them and they are taught to go forth and hunt. Okay, so I may have exaggerated a little, but the fact is that everyone from little kids to octogenarians can have a great time hunting in Texas with the proper license. Round up the toddlers, grandparents and everyone in between and go bag a deer!


4. Guided Hunts

Novice to hunting yet still want to have a good time and snag some prime game?  There are guides who can help even the most beginner of hunters set up in the right places and get something to brag about back home to the missus.  These people are easy to find, just look for the dude with the camouflage on, shotgun securely under his arm, and that hunter’s gleam in his eye.


3. Imported exotic animals

Some ranches import in exotic creatures that would normally roam Africa and other far off locations.  Why bother with a passport, customs, or any of that other boring stuff when you can just saddle up and bag a Zebra in Texas?

exotic game


2. Texas is huge!

The huge mass of Texas lands offers a large variety of climates, landscapes, and hunting styles. Pretend to be on a safari with an open jeep in certain places, climb up a tree and snipe out animals in the more wooded areas, or do it guerilla style with full camo in the middle of the forest and show that game who’s boss!  There are ranches that specialize in different animals so decide what would make your heart pitter patter in happiness and then choose accordingly.

man shooting game

1. Variety of game

The animal selection of course is the top reason to get your butt into some gear and head to Texas!  With a selection of wild hogs, quail, deer, doves, fish, antelope, alligators, and pheasants, there really should be no one who goes hungry down there!  Dinner is served!


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Having spent all his life in the South (namely, Texas and Tennessee) and now running a Gatlinburg cabin rental business , Bob Foster is a passionate expert on everything fun to do in that region of the country. Bob is a guest writer on many blogs and writes his own Smoky Mountain Travel Guide blog, which can be found at blog.

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