Top 7 reasons dietary cleanses help boost your metabolism

Stuck in a weight-loss rut? You’re exercising, eating well and monitoring your progress—but you seem to have reached a plateau. If this sounds like you, you’ve probably reached that standstill that occurs when our bodies have reached their set point, or the pre-disposed weight our bodies are accustomed to being under typical lifestyle conditions. Don’t give up hope; there’s still hope for shedding those last few pounds by boosting your metabolism. And you can do just that with a dietary cleanse.

  1. 1.       Your metabolism is faster when your body is clean

Your metabolic rate is set at a typical level based on your usual body chemistry and composition. A cleaner body, in general, will metabolize energy faster. Even if you think you’re eating healthy, you could be clogging up your body with foods and substances that are making your metabolism sluggish.

  1. 2.       Energy boost ups your metabolism

If you’re tired and sluggish, the rate at which your body metabolizes energy decreases. It’s a vicious cycle. When you’re feeling down and fatigued, exercise is the last thing you want to do. But it’s the sap in energy that causes your metabolism to slow. A dietary cleanse will rid your body of toxins, which in turn will give you more energy—thus boosting your metabolic rate.

  1. 3.       A nutritional cleanse will provide needed nutrients

When we think of a cleanse, we think about removing substances from our bodies, not adding them. But a nutritional cleanse is a specific type of dietary cleanse that actually detoxifies your body while adding much-needed nutrients and proteins. Also known as a detox diet or cleansing diet, this type of cleanse involves eating certain foods rich in needed nutrients which are also useful for ridding the body of unwanted toxins. These include organic fruits and vegetables, low-fat yogurt, brown rice and other totally natural products and herbs that are good for your body.


  1. 4.       A cleanse can contain known metabolism-boosting foods and herbs

While there are a variety of types of cleanses, you’ll find that most cleansing regimens include agents known to boost metabolism, whether you’re doing a do-it-yourself cleanse with natural food product s or you’re purchasing a pre-made dietary cleanse. Agents such as lemon and cayenne are known to increase the body’s metabolism, and you’ll often find these substances in your cleansing products and regimens.

  1. 5.       You’ll feel better – and be motivated to exercise

One thing that holds many of us back from regular exercise routines is feeling tired after a long day or simply not seeing results. This can leave us depressed and fatigued, both of which can be alleviated with a dietary cleanse. A little boost of energy and uplifted spirits can be just the motivation we need to dive back into our workout routine and start burning all that excess fat.

  1. 6.       You’re cutting out the fatty, processed foods

Fats and processed foods are more difficult for our bodies to digest, so when we’re eating lots of those, our metabolism must work harder, meaning it works slower. But the foods you’re ingesting during a dietary cleanse contain only beneficial nutrients without these added bad-for-you substances. This fact alone increases metabolism; you’ve simplified digestion for your body, allowing your metabolism to work more quickly.

  1. 7.       You’re cutting calories

Because you’re ingesting only those cleanse-friendly foods and beverages, you’re also ingesting fewer calories. Your cleanse diet, if it’s a nutritional cleanse, will permit you to eat nutrient-rich fruits and vegetables with known cleansing properties. These foods are naturally low in calories, and your body is getting more out of each bite you eat.

If the idea of a dietary cleanse frightens you, relax. There are a variety of cleansing regimens and products, making it easy to find the one that works for you. A dietary cleanse can focus on a specific organ, such as the colon or liver, or a cleanse can target the entire body at once. If you’ve never tried a dietary cleanse, do so. We promise you won’t regret it.

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