Top 7 Spiritual Gifts for Christmas

As the Christmas holidays approaches, everyone is coming down with a case of shopping fever. The search for that perfect gift for everyone can be quite long, considering every person is special and has different tastes. However, one solution to this dilemma is buying symbolic presents instead. There is a wide variety of stores selling witty spiritual gifts that will surely bring a smile on the face of the person that receives it. Here is a list of most common spiritual Christmas gifts:

1. Statues


If you consider giving someone a statue, this opens up a great deal of possibilities. There are statues made purely for esthetic purpose and statues that have a practical utility, simple statues or those that come with their own lighting system, statues carved from simple materials or even glow in the dark. If the person you are giving the gift to is religious, you can opt for an entire set of porcelain figurines portraying for example the birth of Jesus or the last supper.

2. Paintings


The market nowadays has many options when it comes to paintings. Depending on the person you are giving the painting to and your budget, you can either choose to go with a classic painting of a religious scene or something more creative. For example, you can buy a painting made on wood, glass or even an interactive picture frame in which you can save the pictures you want.

3. Christian jewelry


Christian jewelry is another great spiritual gift that you can offer your loved ones. However, given the wide variety this type of gifts has to offer, you should first consider the personality of the person you are offering jewelry to and his/her tastes in clothes. From cross-shaped pendants to angel shaped earrings, this gift will surely show the person you offer it to how much you appreciate him/her.

4. An indoor fountain



Appreciated by many cultures all over the world, indoor fountains make perfect spiritual gifts for Christmas. They can create the impression of nature and flowing water in any room that seemed dull before. A Christian will surely appreciate an indoor fountain shaped as a biblical scene or maybe a religious figure. Nowadays indoor fountains come with their own lighting system, making them a perfect way of creating a comfortable atmosphere in the room without using the strong ceiling lights. At the same time, they also purify the air in the room through the constant flow of water so it benefits your health as well.   Ideal for home decor or office décor, indoor fountains are one of the best spiritual gifts.

5. Pottery shaped or painted with biblical scenes

Christmas Pottery

If you are aiming to make a present to someone who is religious and loves flowers at same time, a flowerpot with a biblical motif may well be the perfect gift. A plant can easily fit in the environment of any room and if the person you are giving it to is religious, you can be sure he has other objects of the same theme in his house.

6.  Spiritual books


Find out what kind of spiritual books the person you are making the gift to likes to read in general and what his book collection is missing. Offering a book that he/she wanted for a long time will show the person that you are taking a genuine interest in his ideas and beliefs, strengthening the bond between the two of you. One word of advice, however, is to read the books that you intent to offer. As the saying goes, do not judge a book by its cover, or title for that matter. The advantage of reading the book before you make it a present to someone is being able to discuss the content of the book with the person you give it to, so you will not be caught on the wrong foot if he/she asks you a question about the content.

7. Candles


Scented or normal, candles make a great Christmas gift. If you are making a present to a more romantic type of person that prefers the atmosphere candlelight creates instead of the electric light, then you will not go wrong with candles. At the same time, candles have been an important part in Christian tradition. Find out what aromas or perfumes the person you are giving a scented candle likes most. With the wide variety of scented candles on the market, you will surely be able to find the one you are looking for.

No matter which of these great spiritual gift ideas you want to go with, you can be sure that your loved ones will be thrilled to receive them.

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