Top Five Post April Fool’s Day Pranks

April 1st may be over, but that doesn’t mean pranksters have to sit on their laurels for another year. In fact, the precious weeks after April Fool’s Day are the best time for playing pranks on the poor, unsuspecting victims who thought their day of reckoning had already passed.

The author of this article would like to introduce a new tradition, designed to catch people off-guard: pulling pranks during the month after April Fool’s Day, in the midst of your target’s perceived safety.  But what to do? How to prepare? Here is a quick list of our five best, tried and true (but not old or rusty) tricks you can quickly pull out of your sleeve:

5: Office Makeover

While your colleague is away (a two-hour meeting is ideal, but a reasonable lunch break will do) commence redecoration. Sparkly decor is always good, as are stuffed animals and cartoons. Pop-icons make for great cubicle enhancements as well, and there are some brilliant pictures available of Lil’ Wayne. Don’t forget the ceiling!

4: Toilet Seat Surprise

If you have the benefit of sharing a bathroom with your intended victim, playing a prank is as easy as popping bubbles, literally! Simply place strips of bubble wrap around the edge of the toilet, under the seat. Wait for your target to use the facilities in a seated fashion, and commence looking innocent.


3: Sealed Beer Batch

Save one unopened beer from a six pack, as well as the caps and bottles from the other five beers. Fill the bottles with water and super glue the caps back on (Super Glue is key here, you don’t want this going anywhere). Remember where the legitimate beverage is located, so that when you present your crew with the six-pack you can grab it and drink while your comrades attempt to open the others. Laugh, then break out a real six-pack to heal any emotional damage created.

2: Stealth Alarm

Hands down the best prank for a housemate, sibling, or someone else you live with but do not room with. Before your co-habitant goes to bed, reset their alarm. Ideally this will mean setting it for approximately 4am, and tuning the radio to the local shock-talk radio station. This is because these stations invariably provide the best 4am wake-up calls. Don’t worry, you’ll hear the prank happen and you will go down in history at home.

1: Beercicle Set-Down

This is something of a chemical classic for pranks, but it never gets old. Instead of chilling your beer, keep it in the freezer. Don’t worry about this being spotted, because beer doesn’t freeze in the freezer! Instead it gets cold enough that a good jostle will cause the liquid to freeze almost instantly. Bring your companion a liquid beer, set it down firmly and watch the Beercicle form before their eyes.

Good luck, and Happy April Fools!

Susan Anderson is a blogger, life-long prankster, and lover of beer who also writes about the social side of beer for href=””>PartyPongTables.

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  1. I’m going to use the strips of bubble wrap for the end of the year…..great idea!!! I should find many victims easily